Fun SUP Lesson(Introductory): 1 hour
$40/person (add $20 for each additional person)

Learn the basics of stand up paddling. When done properly, this activity is very accessible to nearly all levels of paddlers. 

Hija River Tour: 2 hours

Enjoy a relaxing trip down the Hija River. Enjoy the lush green scenery and quiet flow of the river. A great trip for beginners.  Ask for private setting

Maeda Flats Tour: 2 hours

A nice relaxing paddle below Cape Maeda. Enjoy the beautiful rock formations and nature's intricate splendor from a true ocean view. Here the water is always flat and sometimes we see fish and other marine life around the coral. Entering the flats does take some physical exertion due to the long staircase down to the beach. However, it's worth every step.  The timing of this tour is subject to the tide tables.  Next tour:TBD, Ask for private setting.

Kouri Island: 5 hours

Just over Okinawa's longest bridge, we'll find one of Okinawa's hidden gems. A longer paddle for those looking for a little more time on the water. We paddle out to the northernmost part of the island to snorkel at a reef and then paddle back to the beach. After we finish this beautiful tour, we have lunch at Kouri Tower. Please bring yen for lunch.  Next tour:TBD, Ask for private setting

Mystery Tour: 5 hours

We can't tell you where it is a secret location that you will enjoy paddling in the late afternoon and catching a sunset.