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At Oki SUP, we are committed to providing a safe, quality experience. All of our guides and instructors have completed SUP training and are well versed in ocean safety.  

We love SUP so much, that we decided to make a job out it. Our guides know the islands and the waters and will show you all of the splendor Okinawa has to offer from the other side of the beach. Contact us today to book your private group tour or group class. We also offer group tours through Kadena Outdoor Recreation. 



Two of our favorite things combined at once. We think it's a fun time and just an amazing experience. Let nature be your studio. Get out and get some sand, salt, and sun. We have trained instructors that will guide you step by step and make it more accessible for beginners and intermediates alike. 

What to wear & bring: 

1. Sunscreen!
2. Comfortable suit and/or rash guard, swim shorts for practicing yoga and getting wet. 
3. Hat/visor and/or sunglasses w/ strap
4. Water bottle with loop
5. Water shoes, booties, or other suitable water footwear. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Your items like cameras, footwear, water bottles, etc. must have a way for them to be secured to the board. I will provide you with a strap if you need one (just ask), please make sure your item has a way for the strap to secure it or you may not bring it with you to class. (Ex. Most reusable water bottles have a loop at the top and can be tied down. A regular disposable water bottle cannot, plus it has a label that can fall off when wet.)







11' Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser
10'6 Kariyushi Sweet Ride


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